Solar Power Generator, Storage, Software, 3-in-1

Meet SolPad, an Integrated Solar-Plus-Storage Solution Fresh Out of Stealth Mode

So here’s one of the most exciting products ever for solar. It kinda looks like an ipad except it does way more cool stuff.

An all-in-one solar system, enabling users to power their homes, monitor their electricity uses, interact intelligently with the grid, and you can even bring it outdoor. Why this is so great:

  1. Solar power your home easily. This is a solar power generator, power storage, and power monitoring, ALL IN ONE. This sort of all in one integrated system was just “talk” before this.
  2. Their cost is about half of the equivalent of what the market is offering now.
  3. Portability means that it can supply electricity on the go. This is like bringing a powerbank with you except it doesn’t only power phones, but basically any electric device you want, anywhere.
  4. Self sufficient, and no need to be grid connected, which means there won’t be a net metering issue anymore.
  5. This system is also a smart home system. It can connect to any device, like lights, TV, dishwashers and be controlled through an app. This also means that consumers can monitor their real-time electricity usage and control it.

The 1-kilowatt-hour battery can be fully recharged by the sun or the grid in roughly three hours, while the 500-watt hour battery can be fully recharged in just an hour and a half. And in cases where the grid rates are low, it can automatically charge from the grid. When the rates are high, it will draw from the stored solar power.

Although it has not been released to the market yet, I see great things coming out of the product, given it delivers what it promises. It could be the solution to electrification of many rural areas, giving billions access to precious power source in a financially viable manner. This could be game-changing.

Go, solpad.



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