Deloitte’s survey: what motivates Greening?

The buzzword is Greenovate. The shift of creation and usage of technology to help processes and systems, corporations and consumer lifestyles become more “green”. Deloitte published an interesting read on why it’s not easy being green. It all boils down to cost-benefit analysis at the end of the day. It is about weighing how risky the investment of time and money is into greentech and what the ROI and benefits in the long-run would be for the company. Some companies decide that adoption of greentech is costly in the beginning especially when there are few players doing so, and think it to be better off to wait a year or two.

Bets are mainly placed on two developments: solar and electric vehicles. In China alone, USD$294 billion would be invested by 2015 in renewable energy sector. The main propeller would still be regulations.

Here we glean some insights on the top motivators for companies to adopt a Resource (specifically energy resource) Management System. Unsurprisingly, priority is given to saving costs.

To view the full survey by Deloitte on energy customers, click here.

Q: What is the primary driver for you to implement a resource management system? 

1. Cut Cost – 63%

2. Internal Motivation – 50%

3. Just the right thing to do – 43%

4. Betterment of corporation – 39%

5. Regulatory Requirements – 36%


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